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Osaka Osaka Osaka Osaka Osaka Osaka Osaka Osaka Osaka Osaka Osaka
Great for Beginners

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No. 3008

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Pattern Description

With Osaka, you can have two new skirts in your closet! This form-fitting reversible wrap skirt is easy to sew and easy to wear, giving you dozens of style options and the ability to play with color, texture, and fabric.

Version 1 of Osaka provides you with the cutting layouts to sew a skirt with two fabrics, and version 2 gives you cutting layouts to make a skirt with four fabrics.

Also pictured: Aberdeen top


Sizes and Supplies

0 - 26

All-purpose polyester sewing thread, two 1/2" buttons, one pair of snaps.

Medium-weight fabrics such as poplin, twill, silk dupioni, gabardine, suiting, crepe.

Main fabric, wool coating, leather, pliable faux leather, medium-weight upholstery fabrics, herringbone, tweed.

Imperial Measurement Chart      


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