The Anise Companion

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Get in-depth, step by step instructions for making the Anise jacket, with over 150 photos (pattern sold separately).

Making a lined jacket is a fun and rewarding project. Get help along the way and learn some new techniques with The Anise Companion.

Divided into 8 separate sewing days, you can learn at your own pace, on your own time. This detailed ebook will show you every step of the process, making it easy to learn as you sew. Get more from your pattern and apply these techniques to your future projects!

  • Learn to adjust for common fitting problems.

  • Create bound buttonholes.

  • Sew single welt pockets.

  • Learn hand stitches as you need them.

  • Create a full lining.

This handy ebook is in PDF format, so you can read it on just about any device, including iPads and other tablets, or your home computer. With 70 pages of helpful photos and advice, you'll make a jacket you'll be proud of and gain skills to take with you.

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